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Published on
September 2, 2022
Julius Marchi

Pressure washing and house washing are pretty interchangeable terms, however, there seems to be a slight discrepancy in the perceived meanings. House washing should only be done with with a professional soft washing process that requires no high water pressure, as this could damage your siding and ruin your paint. High pressure washing should only be done on hard surfaces, for example concrete, stone work, patios, certain types of decks, and so on. It is very important to understand that whoever you are choosing to wash your house is using the professional soft washing processes to do so to effectively and safely clean your home siding. We have seen it too many times where people are going up on ladders, blasting away at their siding with high pressure which is not only super dangerous, but it is also very harmful to your home exterior and will more than likely leave very unattractive streaks in your paint/siding that will ruin the appeal of your home.

How The Soft Washing Process Works

The soft washing process relies on the industry standard cleaning solution, which is gently applied to your siding, then after a few minutes of dwell time it is rinsed away with fresh water getting rid of all dirt, grime, and organic growth, leaving your home looking sparkly clean and new again. It is a very simple process, however, it need to be done by professionals to ensure that nothing on your home or property is damaged.

Presh Clean Soft Washing & Pressure Washing

Presh Clean is Westchester County’s trusted soft washing and pressure washing company as we are equipped with years of experience along with the top of the line professional equipment that is needed to make sure your home is washed to perfection in a safe and effective manor! We are also insured to the highest degree and will provide documentation to anyone who requests it just so you never have to worry! We take pride in our work as we have served hundreds of Westchester homeowners with their house washing and pressure washing needs! We specialize in home exterior soft washing and roof cleaning and are always happy to answer any questions you may have and or provide you with a free quote, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

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